Axalton Group will be speaking and exhibiting at the 2022 GRF Summit on Security & Third-Party Risk on October 27-28 at the Gaylord National Resort, National Harbor Maryland.

Networking and Education on Critical Third-Party and Supply Chain Security Issues, for Mutual Resilience Against Cyber and Geopolitical Threats. Sessions will cover risk and vendor management, cybersecurity, intelligence sharing, geopolitical threat mitigation, and emerging compliance/regulation.

CEO Andras Patkai will announce the results of a thorough study performed on a sensitive industry, regarding cybersecurity and data vulnerabilities. Topics discussed will include Account Takeover analysis, domain name analysis, surface analysis, Dark Web / Pastebins / Hacking forums exposure, adversary activity, federated search evaluation, file exploration, as well as Operational Technology risk assessment.

Join us @ Summit 2022 — GRF