Artificial intelligence is not a matter of science fiction

Self-Teaching Scalable Systems

We have developed the DataVersio platform based on our 20+ years of experience in software development and IT consultancy. During our work, we focused on developing scalable systems, with built-in machine learning algorithms from the start, knowing that our systems should serve tens of millions of users seamlessly

Our Partners

The Team

The DataVersio team is made up of people passionate about disruptive change. We boast two main groups, the brilliant engineers and the business-savvy leaders. Our developers learn from the market-driven executives and have a key interest in delivering practical solutions, increasing market share and expanding DataVersio into new markets. Our managers learn from the scientists and continue to remain open to creative new technologies, basing strategy on testing and data.

DataVersio gathers talented individuals from all walks of life, including highly certified developers, patent holders, academics, business leaders, security experts, legal professionals, former defense and homeland security personnel, maintaining a hotbed of innovation that manifests itself in pragmatic solutions.

Our background lies in providing solutions to the military, homeland security, and the protection of critical infrastructure on an international scale. Our people are trained to gather information, build resilient systems, execute with accuracy, accomplish the mission of long-term customer satisfaction, and keep it confidential.


We specialize in crisis management.

Every approach and application of DataVersio mirrors the ability to rapidly adapt to change.

Through our attitude of preparedness, we have learned to develop a responsive framework with emergency scenarios, contingency plans, and most of all, powerful preventive measures.


Minimizing the chance of human error in the world’s most challenging environments